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Participant Testimonials.

"Everything about the Aire Libre experience deeply impacted me. Meeting a joyous group of people that became friends, and bonding with them while working towards a common goal made the entire experience incredibly rewarding. Outside the amazing people involved, I didn’t expect to have such a strong connection with the trail. It was nothing like I expected. No music, no city noise, no distraction, just focus between you and the trail. Enabling a very zen-like experience, where you receive so much clarity and removal from the daily stresses of life. Aire Libre left such an indescribable impact on me. It’s something I’ll cherish forever and eagerly await for the next one to take place."

Adam Haun, USA, 2017

“For me, Aire Libre is a wild experience, in every sense of the word. It has definitely taught me that life is like that as well: the most fun part about it is how everything happens during each journey, so it’s clear that it’s not just about reaching a destination. I think its founders are super wild, each one of them is a genuine trail goat, so they create that energy because they have it inside. They are fantastic people who continue to be present in my life and who have taught me how to me more aware and how to enjoy more of Nature and all of our surroundings .”

Beca Hernández, México, 2017

“The retreat by far exceeded my expectations, which were already high. First of all, there was the human factor, the Aire Libre Team: the guides, the organizing team, and all of the staff were incredible, warm, and kind, as if we knew each other forever. Moreover, my fellow participants were also marvelous people who enriched all of our activities. There’s no doubt that the success of the experience was a direct result of the group’s human quality, starting with Daniel, Mau and Eme (the founders and organizers). On the other hand, we have the places, all of them impressive. We visited amazing little towns, forests, rivers, and we did so in a non-intrusive way, reflecting a conscious way of tourism every time, as well as a profound love and respect for Nature and for the context around the places we visited. Finally, there was the retreat’s objective: to run in magical places, always masterfully guided by the Aire Libre Team and its guides. It was a fun experience for runners of all levels, which is not an easy feat to achieve. The team knew the routes well and always tried to both push participants to make their best effort, while also enjoying the journey. I was surprised by how running genuinely became a secondary priority. Truly an amazing experience, I will no doubt repeat in the future and will openly recommend anyone looking to have an experience outside of their normal routine, something which not only feeds the runner ego, but also the soul. Thank you Aire Libre!!!”

Sabetay Levy, México, 2018

“The Aire Libre experiences are for me an explosion of emotions: gratitude, joy, peace. Running and discovering amazing places in my country (Mexico) while enjoying excellent company make them always a memorable experience. Infinitely thankful for being a part of them.”

Mauro Sotelo, México, 2018

“Aire Libre changed my life. It led me to connect with my essence. Through them, I have met unique people who have become dear friends. It has granted me the opportunity to connect to my planet and to convince myself, a bit more, that we are a fundamental part of this beautiful universe. Aire Libre changed my life. Free like the wind, dangerous like the sea.”

Gustavo Álvarez, México, 2017

“Aire Libre has been an opportunity to explore places of indescriptible beauty in our country (Mexico). Not only do I refer to the natural allure of the trails, but also to the greatness of thought of each person that has been a participant of this group. Each experience, of the four I’ve participated in, has left physical, corporal, spiritual, mental and social imprints that go deep into my life. I am profoundly grateful with Aire Libre for all those blisters, lessons learned and dear friends who came to stay!”

Fátima Ruiz, México, 2017