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Participant Testimonials.

"Before the experience was over I’d already decided I’d be back to travel with Aire Libre again. And sooner than later. The staff has created a truly exceptional experience that goes beyond the itinerary. Connecting with people and cultures was an integral part of the experience. Our morning yoga and meditation sessions set the tone and intentions for the day while catering to weary runners’ legs."

— Gillian Rosen. Houston, Texas, USA. (@gillypearl)
Experience: Mexico City & Surroundings, 2019

"Aire Libre orchestrated an amazing experience in Oaxaca. Trails and trails carried us from unique culture to exquisite meals while practices in mindfulness encouraged us to enjoy the moment and embrace the next one. Can't wait for our next adventure together!"

— Rickey Gates. San Francisco, California, USA. (@rickeygates)
Experience: Oaxaca & La Sierra Norte, 2019.

"For reference I am a 28 year old male living in Boston, MA and I run about 10 -15 miles per week.

I have to give Aire Libre my highest praise and recommendation.

Going into the Oaxaca trip I was a bit skeptical that an organized group trip could be as fulfilling or authentic as traveling on my own terms. I was lucky enough to grow up traveling to some pretty unique places, but this trip was different than anything I've experienced before.
A few things I will point out in particular:
1. The leader of the trip, Mau (Mauricio) is a legend (and so are all the people he knows). He plans an itinerary where every stop is authentic to the region. Most of the trip he acts more like a member of the group than the group "leader" which removes the pressure often associated with group trips. However, he's empathetic and detail oriented so you feel taken care of at all times.
2. The people we were introduced to were the salt of the earth. From local farmers, weavers, runners, chefs, yoga instructors etc. Everyone was equally kind, open, and passionate. What started out as group members became family by the end of the trip. Shout out to Carlos from Latuvi and Patty from Mexico City who were our running and yoga guides.
3. The trail running was the best I've ever experienced. Every day we would run from one small village to the next guided through large Agave plants, corn fields, valleys, mountains, etc. We always had someone local leading and trailing the pack. These people cared deeply about the routes they chose and explained the history as we went. The running was tough even as someone with some running experience, but you could easily go at your own pace and it never seemed to matter because speed was so far from everyone's mind.
4. The food was awesome and authentic. We mainly we had locals cooking us traditional food and beverages. Nothing fancy, but always on point. There were a few people on our trip that had dietary restrictions and each place we went, Mau would ensure that their needs were met.

If you have any doubts, leave them behind and get on their next trip. Unlike anything I've done before."

— Blake Toder. Boston, Massachussets, USA. (@blakestakes)
Experience: Oaxaca & La Sierra Norte, 2018.

“The highlight for me was the running. I was out of my comfort zone of roads, tracks and strava segments - instead looking at trails, mountains and altitude. This change of setting allowed me to detach myself from my Garmin and fully focus on my own body/mind/running - it is the first time I can recall experiencing my own definition of mindful running. A moment in particular springs to mind - @maudac and I were running alone together on the way into La Nevería and for just about 3km we ran with stride and breath synced, a completely natural/primal reaction to our settings and activity. It’s something I seldom feel or notice when running at home and it was just the reminder I needed as to why I, we all, love to run - because it is so natural, so primal, so fun."

Shane O´Neill. London, UK. (@smjoneill)
Experience: Oaxaca & La Sierra Norte, 2018.

"The January 2019 Aire Libre experience in Chiapas was truly amazing
and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend.
We spent a week running, eating, meditating, laughing and experiencing
Mexican culture in a series of beautiful natural settings. The other
participants and guides were fantastic people who added immeasurably
to the experience.
The run routes set by the Aire Libre team and guides allowed me to
connect to the environment and landscape in Chiapas as well as the
other members of the trip in a completely unique way. The running
portion of the trip was also scalable and there were multiple options
for speed and distance to ensure that everyone could participate.
If you are looking for an authentic and unique run-travel experience,
I can't recommend the Aire Libre Chiapas retreat highly enough. You
will connect with new people, travel through a beautiful region and
learn a lot about yourself. I'm planning to return to Mexico for one
of the Oaxaca retreats soon!"

— Lesley Burke, Toronto, Canada. (@lesley_burke)
Experience: South & Central Chiapas, 2019.

“Have you ever felt your world shift? Have you ever known you were in the exact place you were meant to be? Have you trusted everything that got you there?
Could you stop asking questions? What if the answers revealed themselves? (Oh, but what if they don’t?) If you listened to the mountains, if you breathed deeply, if you looked others in the eye, what would you feel?
Step into a place you’ve never been or seldom go. Choose it for yourself. Run toward it until your lungs are fire and the earth rises up. Until you sweat and cry and drink deeply from the well. Run until the wind carries you. Run free.
You’re here because you’re meant to be here. You’re here because there’s no way you couldn’t be. How have you not seen that before? Of course, yes, it makes perfect sense now.
And now, colors more vivid, fragrance, flavors, everything steeped in beauty, meaning. But it has been this way all along, waiting patiently, for you. Yes, you. Did you think you were alone?
You’ve never been alone, you see that now. You see yourself. You see those around you. You see magic in everything. You understand.”

— Alysha Daytner, Chicago Illinois, USA. (@adaytner)
Experience: Oaxaca & La Sierra Norte, 2019.

I read 'the wilderness is healing, a therapy for the soul' and this encapsulated my Aire Libre experience. There's a sense of calm, of family, of kindred spirits. Folks sharing a little or a lot, reflecting, learning, laughing, right there, in that moment, alive, well, content. Running these landscapes, with these wonderful people is healing, therapy, for the soul. “

— Tom Gunner. London, UK. (@gunnarunner)
Experience: Oaxaca & La Sierra Norte, 2019

“I was not going on a trip for the purpose of finding anything in particular but that didn’t stop discovery from flooding into my life during my time in Chiapas.
I discovered new friends that showed me what it means to be a part of something. 
I discovered a new place and a new culture. 
I discovered myself. 
I found and pushed boundaries in my running and my life. My time there pushed me, it felt like work but like the best kind of soul nourishing work. I felt so accomplished after each day it gave me a sense that anything was possible... .
Mexico is a truly magical place and to be shown to all of the incredible places in such a way that I felt a part of the community has become the only way I want to travel."

Mike Pace, Toronto, Canada. (@mikepaceart)
xperience: South & Central Chiapas, 2019.

On Monday morning we woke and ran 18km and 1200m (starting at 2000m elevation) up a volcano. 
After sitting on top of the clouds we traveled to a coffee plantation, where we got to pick cherries, and learn all about the farming process. 
Upon returning to San Cristobal we arrived to a temazcal ceremony - that quite literarily shattered me. 
For those who have sweat before, you know this process is challenging. To this moment I am still processing all that happened in that tiny stone house, and I am still living with the soreness of the spiritual purge that rocked me. 
While I sit here wondering if I had made the right choice or not to participate - I think of 
@hakstao repeating “all roads lead to suffering” and I think of @dklinckwort ‘s words about the pilgrimage, and about how running strips us down to our most vulnerable and present selves. 
This trip has been so full of laughter, joy - but also struggle. It has been a humbling reminder of my physical limits - but also how powerful this way of living, running and travelling can be."

MC Pace. Toronto Canada. (@nomadpace)
Experience: South & Central Chiapas, 2019.

"As I was boarding the plane to Mexico, I remember saying to myself “No expectations”... I wanted to come to this experience with a beginners mind, ready to learn new things about this land, the people, the culture and of course myself. 

I somewhat wanted to challenge myself, mentally, physically and spiritually and see the power and the construct of some Dharma practices along with trail running and Tai Chi.... I just didn't know that my life was about to change in ways that I cannot even quantify into words.

There was a heavy mist of spiritual evolution that pervaded and reigned supreme over the few days of this adventure and everyone who was part of this experience felt it, even the more stoic of the group, it was not just to feel it, but breathe it, taste it and embellish it to the core."

Hakim Tafari. Los Angeles, California, USA (@hakstao)
Experience: South & Central Chiapas, 2019.

"Everything about my Aire Libre experience deeply impacted me. Meeting a joyous group of people that became friends, and bonding with them while working towards a common goal made the entire experience incredibly rewarding. Outside the amazing people involved, I didn’t expect to have such a strong connection with the trail. It was nothing like I expected. No music, no city noise, no distraction, just focus between you and the trail. Enabling a very zen-like experience, where you receive so much clarity and removal from the daily stresses of life. Aire Libre left such an indescribable impact on me. It’s something I’ll cherish forever and eagerly await for the next one to take place."

 Adam Haun. Brooklyn, NY, USA. (@adamhaun)
Experience: Oaxaca & Sierra Norte, 2017.

“For me, Aire Libre is a wild experience, in every sense of the word. It has definitely taught me that life is like that as well: the most fun part about it is how everything happens during each journey, so it’s clear that it’s not just about reaching a destination. I think its founders are super wild, each one of them is a genuine trail goat, so they create that energy because they have it inside. They are fantastic people who continue to be present in my life and who have taught me how to me more aware and how to enjoy more of Nature and all of our surroundings .”

Beca Hernández. Mexico City, México. (@beka_hy)
Experience: Oaxaca & Sierra Norte, 2017.

“The retreat by far exceeded my expectations, which were already high. First of all, there was the human factor, the Aire Libre Team: the guides, the organizing team, and all of the staff were incredible, warm, and kind, as if we knew each other forever. Moreover, my fellow participants were also marvelous people who enriched all of our activities. There’s no doubt that the success of the experience was a direct result of the group’s human quality, starting with Daniel, Mau and Eme (the founders and organizers). On the other hand, we have the places, all of them impressive. We visited amazing little towns, forests, rivers, and we did so in a non-intrusive way, reflecting a conscious way of tourism every time, as well as a profound love and respect for Nature and for the context around the places we visited. Finally, there was the retreat’s objective: to run in magical places, always masterfully guided by the Aire Libre Team and its guides. It was a fun experience for runners of all levels, which is not an easy feat to achieve. The team knew the routes well and always tried to both push participants to make their best effort, while also enjoying the journey. I was surprised by how running genuinely became a secondary priority. Truly an amazing experience, I will no doubt repeat in the future and will openly recommend anyone looking to have an experience outside of their normal routine, something which not only feeds the runner ego, but also the soul. Thank you Aire Libre!!!”

Sabetay Levy, Mexico City, México. (@sabylevy)
Experience: South & Central Chiapas, 2017.

“The Aire Libre experiences are for me an explosion of emotions: gratitude, joy, peace. Running and discovering amazing places in my country (Mexico) while enjoying excellent company make them always a memorable experience. Infinitely thankful for being a part of them.”

Mauro Sotelo, Sonora, México. (@maurosotelos1)
Experience: South & Central Chiapas, 2017.

“Aire Libre changed my life. It led me to connect with my essence. Through them, I have met unique people who have become dear friends. It has granted me the opportunity to connect to my planet and to convince myself, a bit more, that we are a fundamental part of this beautiful universe. Aire Libre changed my life. Free like the wind, dangerous like the sea.”

— Gustavo Álvarez. Mexico City, México. (@gusdetavo)
Experience: South & Cebtral Chiapas, 2017 / Oaxaca & Sierra Norte, 2017

“Aire Libre has been an opportunity to explore places of indescriptible beauty in my home country. I refer not only to the natural allure of the trails, but also to the greatness of thought of each person that has been a participant of this group. Each experience, of the four I’ve participated in, has left physical, corporal, spiritual, mental and social imprints that go deep into my life. I am profoundly grateful with Aire Libre for all those blisters, lessons learned and dear friends who came to stay!”

— Fátima Ruiz, Mexico City, México. (@fatima_ruiz)
Experience: South & Central Chiapas, 2017.