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 Running Holidays

Thoroughly curated running holidays for runners of all levels, that aim to bring human beings into close contact with a more profound essence of living through the renovation of our relationship to ourselves, to nature, and to the people and cultures around us. Our running holidays  are divided into three categories: retreats, getaways and sessions. All designed to break you free from the hassles of daily living, allowing for your body and mind to reset, while gaining new perspectives though deep, transformative travel.

Running Retreats

For those that are thirsty to explore the most exotic corners of the world, our retreats are week-long running holidays that combine the best cultural and gastronomic offerings of a place with outstanding running and spiritual activities designed to help you grow physically, spiritually and mentally.


Tarahumara & Copper Canyon Running Holiday

Oaxaca Day Of the Dead Running Holiday

Lake District, Patagonia Running Holiday

Negev Desert, Israel Running Holiday

Sacred Valley, Peru Running Holiday

oaxaca Day Of the Dead Running Holiday

lake District, Patagonia Running Holiday


Running Getaways

Accessible yet powerful, running and mindfulness running holidays, designed to reset your mind and provide perspective, by disconnecting you from routine and re-connecting you to nature and to yourself.

Aire libre running session Mexico City

Mexico city & surroundings Running Holiday

Aug 29th - Sep 2nd, 2019

Newfoundland, Canada Running Holiday

Baja California Sur, Mexico Running Holiday

Mexico City & Surroundings Running Holiday

Cascade Mountains, WA. Running Holiday

Mexico City & Surroundings Running Holiday


"Aire Libre orchestrated an amazing experience in Oaxaca. Trails and trails carried us from unique culture to exquisite meals while practices in mindfulness encouraged us to enjoy the moment and embrace the next one. Can't wait for our next adventure together!"

— Rickey Gates. San Francisco, California, USA. (@rickeygates)
Experience: Oaxaca & La Sierra Norte, 2019.


Free, worldwide events, centered around running, mindfulness and human-connection, powered by La Familia Global Community.


Aire Libre Sessions: Mexico City (Mirna Valerio)

Aire libre running session Chicago

Aire Libre sessions: Chicago

(This event has passed)

Aire libre running session Los Angeles

Aire Libre Sessions: l.A.

(This event has passed)


Aire Libre Sessions: mexico City

(This event has passed)