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Sacred Valley, Peru

All inclusive running retreat.

Thursday 23rd – Wed 29th, March 2023

Sacred Valley, Peru

7 days – 6 nights

All Levels

From $2,500 USD

Ranging from 6 to 16 km

Payment installment plans at check out!

"I have never done a group trip like this as an adult (as a kid - avid summer camper & high school sport and club nerd here). I would recommend AL to anyone who runs, likes nature and has an open mind."
- Yana Polikarpov, participant in our June 2022 edition
From the majestic Andes Mountain Range, to the colossal Inca structures, this retreat will bring you deep into one of the South America's most unique ancient culture sites.
Peru awaits with breathtaking and enchanting stories where you will find yourself running and exploring the ancient paths and Incan trails that have served as links between world for thousands of years. 

 Join us for a true running experience in one of the world’s oldest and most sacred running destinations.  Cusco, the center of the world as referred to by its original «Quechua» name, is located in the very heart of the Andes Mountain Range of Peru. It is world-renowned for its fascinating cultural heritage and impossibly exact archeological remains. 


  • Explore the surrounding mountains of the Sacred Valley and run through a variety of breathtaking ancient trails that will take you through Inca ruin sites and incredible valley views. 
  • Experience authentic Peruvian cuisine and ancient-inspired drinks from local breweries. 

  • Run and discover the most magical ancestral landmarks, alleys and streets of the City of Cusco.


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