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Bolivian Heartland

A Journey of Natural and Cultural Immersion

All inclusive running retreat.

10 – 16th september, 2023.

Bolivia: Andes, Amazon and Titicaca

7 days – 6 nights

All Levels

From $2,499 USD

Ranging from 8 to 16 km

Payment installment plans at check out!

"Bolivia will surprise you profoundly, as it surprised me. Running in its dramatic Andean landscapes was a true gift for me and will continue to be because there's no way I won't go back"
- Manuel Morato, Experience Leader
Prepare to be amazed by what awaits you, as you uncover the hidden treasures of Bolivia's Heartland!

Journey deep into the heart of Bolivia in a cultural and natural immersive running experience unlike any other as we traverse through the country’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, and unlock the secrets of ancient cultures and traditions. 


From the lush depths of the Amazon jungle to the pristine shores of Lake Titicaca, and from the mysterious Valle de las Ánimas to the majestic Huayna Potosí glaciers and mountains, this journey promises an unforgettable and rewarding experience that combines the best of Bolivia’s diverse natural wonders and cultural heritage.



  • Experience Bolivia’s contrasting natural environments with High Andean glaciers and the Amazon rainforest located only hours apart that will create a diverse and captivating landscape, full of natural wonders and spectacular views. 


  • Traverse across The Death Road, an exhilarating experience that offers breathtaking natural views of the Andean Mountains while descending over 3,000 meters down one of the world’s most dangerous roads carved into the side of the mountain. 


  • Run through Valle de las Ánimas, also known as the «Valley of the Souls», a majestic natural wonder characterized by its towering red rock formations and jagged peaks, which will ofer you a dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape. 


  • Live a truly unforgettable challenge: a catered run at 16,000 feet (5000 meters) altitude, in the shadow of the Huayna Potosi Mountains: a unique opportunity to push your limits, while surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Bolivia’s High Andean glaciers. 


  • Navigate in two amazing boat rides across Titicaca lake (the world’s highest navigable lake!) and arriving at the breathtaking Sun island, which is regarded as one of Bolivia’s most sacred places and the birthplace of Inca culture.


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