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Sacred Valley, Peru

All-inclusive running retreat. August 13th - 19th, 2020

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2,800 USD) Mar - Aug, 2020


 Experience Overview

From the majestic Andes Mountain Range, to the colossal Inca structures, this trip will have you be a true part of one of the world’s most unique ancient culture sites in South America. Peru awaits with breathtaking enchanting stories where you will find yourself running and exploring the ancient paths and Inca trails that have been connecting one culture to the other for thousands of years. Join us for a true running experience in one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating running destinations. 

7 days, 6 nights

Sacred valley, Peru

Avg. Daily Distance
9 km

Beginner - Advanced

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About the experience

Cusco, the center of the world as referred by its originary “Quechua” name is located in the very heart of the Andes Mountain Range of Peru. It is world renowned for its fascinating cultural heritage and breathtaking archeological remains.

The first part of the trip will take place in the “Sacred Valley of the Incas” where we will be able to explore the mountains and ruin sites unlike no other, we will take numerous varieties of trails and Inca-ruin that will have us visiting some of the most amazing places whilst running. 

Our main Base will be the Town of Urubamba, Capital of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where all the energy and amazing climate has been inspiring generations of kingdoms to declare it as such an important location. 

The first part of the trip includes runs in the mythic Moray Ruins, the unique Maras Salt Mines and Inca Trails or “Qapac Ñans” such as Lares and Cachi Cata, that used to connect all of the cultural exchanges in the prime of the Inca Empire. 

A the trip flows on, we will dive deep into the outstanding ancient and actual culinary experiences of Peru, with each stop designed for the trip. We will also have a taste of the upcoming amazing local-ingredient-inspired brewery’s  of the Sacred Valley and be able to compare them with the ancient ceremonial drinks that have been produced for centuries. 

The last part of the trip will allow us to explore the most magical alleys and streets of the City of Cusco, while running and enjoying the most fascinating places of this unique Empire Town. 

Each day will be accompanied by meditation sessions, cultural encounters and very knowledgeable guiding of the trip, who will take us on a spiritual journey of inner peace and self-knowledge.




Day 1: Arrival to Cusco

Arrival to Cusco
Check- In and rest at Hotel
Lunch at Inka Grill
Afternoon optional visits to Cusco
Sightseeing walking at Cathedral and Cusco
Cusco Free Time
Welcome Dinner Ceremony

Day 2: Sacred Valley - Andean Session 6 K Acclimatization

Welcome Andean at Machu Qolqa
Lunch at Mirador de Maras
Session Ceremony at Ruin Site of Raqqchi
Arrival to Sacred Valley
Meditation Ceremony at Urqo’s
Wilka Mayu Brewery
Dinner at Paca Paca

Day 3: Ollantaytambo – Cachiccata Run 8 KM – Puma Marka Trail 6 Km

Breakfast at Sunshine Café
Cultural Run in the Puma Marka Inca Ruins
Brewery of the Sacred Valley of the Incas
Dinner at Pizza Wasi

Day 4: Misminay – Moray Temple – 16 KM run Maras Salt Mines

Visit Misminay
Lunch at Thunupa Restaurant
16 KM run at Maras Salt Mines
Dinner at Kampu Fusion Cuisine

Day 5: Lares Inca Trail Run. 8 KM – Afternoon Cultural Visits.

8K Run at Inca Trail
Lunch at Quinta Ochoa
Visit to traditional
Visit to Urumba to see the process of “Maize Chicha” fermented sacred drink of the Incas
Dinner at Paca Paca

Day 6: Transfer to Cusco – Cusco City Tour Run Saqsayhuaman & San Blas.

Shuttle to Cusco
Lunch at Ceviche Demonstration el “Mariscal de Magisterio”
Sightseeing run at Cusco
Dinner at Map Cafe

Day 6: Cusco Out

Cusco Flights Out
and/or *Optional Activities

cusco Peru running retreat by Aire Libre
calle street cusco Peru running retreat by Aire Libre

Optional Activity

Visit Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountains after the retreat with our local partner!

You can choose to do either one of these activities (You’ll need to stay + 1 day) or both (+ 2 days)

If you are interested just choose the add on at checkout and we will send a confirmation to our local partner.

Once booking is confirmed our team will help you out picking out the ideal flights.

For more information on these tours, Click here to visit our local partner’s website.


What’s included?

Private transportation throughout the experience.

  • Experience local traditions and culture.

  • Global entrance ticket to all the archeological parks visited within the experience.

  • Local high-end food and beer. All meals included.

  • Running along the most amazing archeological parks of Cusco.

  • Exclusively designed trails.

  • Exclusive Designed Cultural Experiences.

  • Daily yoga meditation and/or cultural sessions.

  • Support and knowledge of our local guides.

  • Lodging.

* Flights not included.
* We encourage you to book a personal travel insurance.



All of our trips are designed to welcome hikers and runners of all fitness levels. We will assign different guides to groups of different levels so that no one is left behind. You will feel safe and comfortable throughout the trip whether you're a professional runner that wants to add these runs to your training, an amateur who wants to explore the world of trail-running or a casual hiker who wishes to challenge him- or herself while enjoying nature in a secure environment.    

camino trail Peru running retreat by Aire Libre