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What if i'm not physically fit enough for this experience?

It is very important to emphasize here that these experiences aren’t races or competitions, but rather opportunities to get away from the noise of urban life and to connect with oneself in nature. That being said, worry not, because the minimum required level of fitness is to be able to walk well, both uphill and downhill. We usually divide into sub-groups according to the level of fitness and each group is assigned a local guide who is very familiar with the route. Furthermore, there will always be a guide who stays behind the last participant of the last group, so that we make sure no one is left behind.

What if i'm the slowest person in the group? Will the experinces still be enjoyable for me?

We strongly believe that enjoying the most out of this experience does not depend on your speed or pace. We have repeatedly heard from our participants who move at a slower pace that they have ended up enjoying the experience even more, because of the fact that they had more time to calmly appreciate the natural landscapes and all of their beauty. This is not a race or a competition; each participant creates his or her own experience depending on their level of connection to the surrounding context.

It looks like you guys are very experienced runners, i don't think my level is as high as yours

We are experimented runners, but during these retreats we are focused more on sharing our pleasure of exploring some of the most interesting and beautiful corners of our country and region. For this reason, we will run at an easy pace, will do frequent rest stops and will not be in any kind of hurry. All the contrary, this is all about enjoying as much as possible the opportunity to have a closer look at these amazing places while we move on foot through them.

What if i have never run long distances?

Our general recommendation is that you try to increase the distance you run in your normal training plan before joining the retreat. If this were not possible, you shouldn’t worry, since we will cover the distances a very easy pace and doing frequent rest stops. Our experience from previous trips has taught us that participants have consistently used this opportunity to push their physical limits in a responsible way and have achieved things they didn’t think were possible. In any case, if you feel tired or exhausted, you can always walk and we will make sure someone stays close to you.

What if i have never run in trails before?

The Aire Libre Team, as well as most of our local guides, have extensive experience running trail, so there will be many opportunities to share relevant information and knowledge. In fact, if this is your first time, we are genuinely thrilled for you, because a truly amazing world of memorable landscapes and deep discovery is waiting for you. Moreover, the pace of our journeys is usually easy and includes frequent rest stops, so you can take your time in getting acquainted with the local terrain.

What is included for the price of the experience?

Each of our unique experience is described in detail in a dedicated website, so for information on what the price of each includes, please take some time to visit those sites. Each experience generally includes everything except your transportation to the city or place where we depart from for the retreat. In other words, if you live in New York and the experience starts in Mexico City, the price doesn’t cover your transportation from NY to CDMX.

If i'm coming in from another city, does the price include my transportation to the city close to the retrear?

The price includes all of the transportation after the starting reunion point for the retreat, but you will have to cover your own travel expenses to that starting point.

What sort of people participate in these experiences?

All of the Aire Libre experiences are open to all kinds of people, regardless of their background. Nevertheless, we have observed that our participants share some common traits, such as a genuine interest in exploring amazing natural landscapes or the fact that they are seeking extraordinary adventures through which they can connect with their deeper selves and with other like-minded individuals. Because of this, a community of good friends who share similar interests and passions has resulted in a very organic way – for example: a group of 4 participants met each other in one of our journeys and soon after got organized and traveled together to Bolivia to climb a high mountain there called Huayna Potosí.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay direct through our website using a valid credit or debit card. You can also pay via PayPal. In order to secure your spot in the retreat, a minimum 30% advance deposit is required. You can cover the rest of the payment as you see fit, just make sure to complete your total due one week before the starting date for the experience. We are flexible, if you have any specific needs you wish to talk about, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Where can i have a look at the itinerary for the experience?

For more information on each experience’s itinerary, please visit each trip’s dedicated website.

Is it possible to join the experience after it has started?

deally, you should try and join the experience from the start with the rest of the group, but in case of an exceptional situation, it may be possible to join late, depending on the circumstances. This will be treated on a case by case basis, so please contact us directly to explore possible arrangements.

What kind of gear do i need for this experience?

Once you have signed up for the journey, you will receive relevant information via email and WhatsApp, such as a packing list and all of what you need to know to prepare well. Furthermore, Aire Libre has a network of strategic allies, some of them well-known sports brands who offer exclusive discounts to the Aire Libre community. These discounts will be available to you if you wish to buy any gear for the trip.

What is the accommodation like during these trips?

The places we visit during our experience are ones of unique beauty and this is due many times to the fact that they are usually remote and wild places. Thus, the places where we will spend our nights are always clean and comfortable, but also rustic and simple. Moreover, we sometimes have to sleep in shared rooms. We believe this contributes to our objective of using this experience to disconnect from the stress and noise of our everyday lives, as well as an opportunity to connect to other like-minded participants.

How many people participate in these experiences?

The top limit for our groups is 25 participants. This because we have proved that this is the perfect amount of people in order for there to be diversity but at the same time for it to be possible to have a meaningful conversation with each person in the group and thus get to know them beyond their names.

What is a typical day in one of these retreats like?

A typical day consists of waking up early enough to greet the sunrise with a meditation that seeks to generate a connection with our deeper selves. We then enjoy a hearty and nutritious breakfast, before setting off to run or walk the trails. After that we usually have a typical local lunch, after which we take it easy in the afternoon in order to rest before a later session of yoga and stretching that usually happens outdoors, when the weather allows for it. We finally enjoy dinner in the evening, during which we share our experiences as a group. This is what a typical day looks like, but we also usually add activities that are directly linked to the local cultural context, such as temazcales or interacting with the local people.

Are these experiences reserved exclusively for runners?

No. The experience can be deeply enjoyed both running or walking.

What kind of training should i do in order to join one of your experiences?

This is not a race, so there will be no sort of pressure for any kind of pace or speed. However, we do recommend, if possible, that you try and run or walk frequently (2 to 4 times per week) so that you can more profoundly enjoy this experience. We recommend that, depending on your level of experience, you try to walk or run distances of 5 to 10km, and if you are able to, up to 15km, preferably with the support of a professional coach or someone with enough experience. We can recommend professionals or content that can serve as a reference.

I'm interested, where do i sign up?

Go to our website and use your credit or debit card to pay your 30% deposit and that way your spot will be secured.

When should i sign up for the experience?

Our experiences have limited spots. Once the group is full, we can no longer accept any more participants, which is why we recommend that you sign up as soon as possible so that you can secure a spot for the trip.

Are payment plans available?

Deferred payments are available (you can defer your payment into 3 or 6 monthly installments) when you pay with a credit card. In the case of former participants who are already part of our Aire Libre community, there is a 15% discount when you refer a person who signs up (not accumulative).