Episode 1: "RUN & BECOME" with Sanjay Rawal

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“For thousands of years, long distance running has allowed human beings to experience both the energy of mother earth and the energy of the other world above and the inner worlds at the same time.”

— Sanjay Rawal

Welcome to the Aire Libre Podcast, a series of intimate conversations on running, travel, culture, spirituality, mindfulness.

Aire Libre exists to bring people together, creating timeless experiences to reconnect us with our roots within nature and spirituality, and ultimately, within ourselves.

Traveling on some of the most incredible and remote landscapes of Mexico and the Americas, we bring runners into close contact with a more profound essence of living.

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On this podcast, we’ll bring you conversations with some of the incredible people who are part of these adventures; people who open our eyes with their wisdom and experience.

First up, a conversation with Sanjay Rawal, runner, spiritual being and director of the recently released documentary “3100: Run And Become”.

Sanjay grew up in California, and graduated from U.C. Berkeley… where he was on the path to the career in medicine his parents wanted for him. But as Sanjay started to question this path, he discovered Sri Chinmoy, an Indian spiritual teacher based in New York City. After moving across the country, Sanjay became a devoted student of Sri Chinmoy, who aside of having become a spiritual leader, was also an advocate of long distance running and athleticism.

Sanjay was himself a serious runner during his time following Sri Chinmoy, and after a career in philanthropy and development, and now as a filmmaker, he’s returned to Queens to tell the story of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. Yes, a 3100 mile race that takes place every year on a half-mile block in Queens. Competitors have 52 days to complete the race, at an average of about 60 miles per day.

The goal: a deeper sense of self.

3100: Run and Become is a behind-the-scenes look at the race, which uses three other vignettes to show historical and cultural connections between running and spirituality. This includes a look at the Marathon Monks of Japan; persistence hunters of the Kalahari tribe in Africa; and the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

To learn more about Sanjay’s film head over to: https://3100film.com/

To learn more about the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race go to: https://3100.srichinmoyraces.org/

To join one of our upcoming experiences and learn mora about Aire Libre check out: https://airelibre.run


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