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Mario Fraioli is a writer and running coach from San Francisco, California. He enjoys helping athletes work toward their goals, which range from personal bests to national championship titles, and even the Olympic Games. He's also the former senior editor at Competitor magazine (2010-2016).

Mario hosts The Morning Shakeout , a podcast in which he speaks about running and also shares his insights and opinions on issues he is knowledgeable and passionate about to create awareness, generate meaningful dialogue, and spur healthy debate.

We're very pleased to be part of The Morning Shakeout's 26th episode, where Mau (Co-founder of Aire Libre) had the opportunity to run next to Mario, and discuss running as a way of exploration and adventure, the importance of culture and storytelling, and how those two elements are at the core of everything Aire Libre does.

Listen to the whole episode here:

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Join us in our upcoming running experiences, where you'll  be able to unplug completely, while discovering a foreign land and its fascinating culture, connecting spiritually with yourself and joining a group of like minded individuals.

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