How Aire Libre is Redefining Adventure Running

An interview by Robbe Reddinger for Believe in the Run


We’d like to thank Robbe Reddinger and the rest of the Believe in the Run family for this beautiful, in depth interview with Aire Libre co-founder, Mauricio Diaz.

““At the end, half the group burst into tears, and one guy from Canada said, ‘In my 38 years of life, this is the most memorable experience I’ve ever had.’ He was just crying and hugging us,” says Diaz.”

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“When curating a running retreat, Aire Libre focuses on finding a running location that will allow their clientele to experience culture outside the typical tourist destination. They scout their locations thoroughly, visiting six months to a year out, connecting with locals and letting them know what their intentions are.

“We make sure the people and places we’re going to go through are excited to work with us,” notes Diaz. “It really becomes an amazing exchange of experiences and thoughts. The locals are not only willing to have people over, but the same locals take a lot from the people who come.”

They’ve seen potential in this type of responsible tourism to have both an economic and social impact on regions that might be forgotten, outside of the conventional tourist places.”


Robbe Reddinger

Robbe is the Digital Marketing Manager for Big Run Media/BITR. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and two sons and runs with the Faster Bastards. His favorite race distance is the marathon and his favorite beer is anything but Blue Moon.

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