AL-01: Crossing The Land Of The Seri

AL-01: Crossing Seri Territory


On December 20, 2015, we ran 90 kilometers (56mi) along the Sonoran desert coast of Mexico. This experience marked the beginning of Aire Libre and our next projects. The route took us from El Desemboque to Bahía de Kino, along Isla del Tiburón, through the most incredible landscapes, and gave us the opportunity to meet the Seri tribe that still inhabits in these lands.

After sleeping on the ground at a local dance school, we left the small coastal town of El Desemboque at 5:30 a.m. to reach our destination in Kino Bay at 7:00 p.m. Total time of 13:30 hours, with 8:18 hours of effective running. The chosen route included unique landscapes. When the intense heat and dryness of the desert meets the deep and cold waters of the Sea of Cortez, a very intense and unique energy is generated known only by those who have spent enough time in this territory.

After the haul we camped at Punta Chueca in the Barnett House. This family is one of the most recognized among the Seri because of their contributions to the history and traditions of this millenary culture. Francisco "Chapo" Barnett, who was following us in a car during the final stretch of the race, singing and transmitting positive vibes, received us the next morning with more blessings and songs to start our recovery.Physically undone, but with the spirit held high, we returned home wanting to inspire others to come out and have similar experiences. This project the result.

Stay tuned for more projects like this and make sure to follow our video and photos to delve into this story. To read more about the Seri people and Francisco Barnett check out this article.

Learn how Knox Robinson, coach of Nike and Black Roses NYC, lived this experience in this interview.


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