Discover The World Through Running.

Discover The World
Through Running

We design running and hiking experiences all over the world that connect you spiritually to nature outside and to yourself.

We work to establish relationships with places and people to share their wisdom through movement and storytelling by designing experiences, sharing stories, and creating a diverse and inclusive community around a new and sustainable vision of life.


Running Retreat

Guatemala was very eye-opening for me and taught me a lot about myself. I have been running for decades now, but I run for my overall physical health and mental health. 


I really appreciate that these trips are not about competition, everyone is so supportive and encourages everyone to get to the finish. 


I actually hiked more than I ran on this trip due to the steep terrain. I was still able to learn a lot about 
myself though, all my leg muscles were aching with pain and I wanted to turn around so many times, but I kept pushing myself and was rewarded with amazing views, especially at the top of Acatenango.

– Angie Ostrowski, participant in our January 2022 edition.



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