Discover The World Through Running.

Discover The World
Through Running

We design running and hiking experiences all over the world that connect you spiritually to nature outside and to yourself.

We work to establish relationships with places and people to share their wisdom through movement and storytelling by designing experiences, sharing stories, and creating a diverse and inclusive community around a new and sustainable vision of life.


Travesía Nevado-Valle

15-17 Septiembre

8-10 Diciembre

senderistas mujeres

Mujer Montaña - Tlayacapan


Sendero del Jaguar, Oax.

9-13 Noviembre

17-21 Noviembre SOLD OUT


Costa de Oaxaca, Huatulco.


Now Available

Introducing a journey that’s more than just footsteps.


In a world woven with tales, myths, and adventures, we invite you to redefine the narratives you choose to live by. The stories we tell ourselves shape the very essence of our existence, and now is the time to embrace the change we seek by immersing ourselves in stories that lead us to new trails and uncharted territories.


Just as every myth and tale sparks a journey, each step you take with us is a chapter waiting to be written. These experiences transcend mere journeys; they stand as a bridge to the primal connection within us all. An opportunity to welcome the heartbeat of life, the enigmas of existence, and the breathtaking marvels of our planet.


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